For this project, we remodeled the home almost to its entirety leaving only two walls standing.


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When my wife and I decided to do our remodel six years ago we interviewed many contractors in Santa Cruz county. Of those interviewed, only Phil and his sons made us feel like they would take on our project and treat it as if it were their own home being remodeled.

During the interviewing process, Phil explained how the whole project would roll out and how he would communicate with us throughout the entire process. We had periodic meetings to discuss the budget and where in the process we were. His crew was on time and was always working. If their was going to be a time where his crew was not on site, he would let us know so we knew. In the end, Phil and his sons did a fabulous job on our remodel adding more value and pride to our home then you could imagine.

As a testament to Phil’s workmanship, some 3 years later we refinanced our loan as did many when interest rates fell to all time lows. I asked the home inspector prior to him leaving “I know you can’t put a number on what our home will be valued at but if you could ballpark it.” He said to me “this is one of the best remodeled homes I’ve seen in years and wouldn’t hesitate to value it at the high end of the scale” he added “yeah, you have a very well built home here and its worth every bit of $. I called Phil that day to extend my gratitude for a job well done. Thanks guys for the awesome job! – John and Leslie Greenhouse