This project, nicknamed English, is a complete new home build. We designed and built every facet of this project from the home itself to the outdoor living area. Take a look at the showcase below, you can click to view the next image.


The outside living area is perhaps the most unique and full featured facet of the build. It features a spacious and modern outside living area complete with a full bar, oven, bbq burners, fridge, stainless steel farm style sink, and all the modern amenities one would need for entertaining or family gatherings. Heat lamps and custom built trellis privacy screening have been added to provide additional comfort.

Over 4 generations strong, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship that, when applied to a house, transforms it into a home.


  • Full outdoor living space including farm style sink, oven, fridge, and burners.
  • Uniquely designed trellis privacy screening
  • Octagonal decking and fire pit
  • Storage solutions
  • Tiered coffered ceiling

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