Our History



The Boyd family stands four generations strong in today’s construction industry, spanning over 70 years of dedication to the craft of building. The passion for carpentry is a tradition deep-rooted in the Boyd family, and passed from father to son.

In 1942 Harold R. Boyd partnered with Bernard Sargent to form Sargent & Boyd Construction, based in Detroit, Michigan, the first construction company in the family. The company began primarily as bridge builders and road workers, focusing on heavy concrete work, and Harold built homes on the side. Five years in, the partnership dissolved and Harold began Harold R. Boyd construction, a company that would grow to employ over fifty men and build some of the first Ford factories.


In an attempt to ease his wife and sons respiratory problems, Harold moved his family to warmer weather in California. For four years, Harold traveled back and forth from his family in California to his business in Michigan, before selling his company in 1953. Settling in California, Harold built several homes there, and taught his skills to his son Ken.

Kenneth R. Boyd, having grown up building homes with his father, developed an interest in the engineering of structures, and graduated from San Jose State University with a masters degree in engineering. In 1965, he became a licensed civil engineer.


In 1976, after years of working in the field, Ken became part owner of the engineering firm Harris Associates. In 1980, he created Boyd Engineering, a company still in operation today.

Ken’s son Phil also started practicing the trades at a young age, spending summers and afternoons assisting his father and grandfather. Having been schooled by two generations of carpenters, he picked up the craft quickly. He obtained his General Building Contractors license and started his own company in 1986, Phil Boyd Construction.


For nearly two decades, Phil Boyd Construction grew and developed a strong reputation for honest, high-quality work.

In 2002, Phil brought his two oldest sons, Nicholas J. Boyd and Daniel J. Boyd, into the business. Boyd and Sons’ Construction was born, proudly displaying the slogan, “Four Generations Strong.”

5Today, Boyd and Sons Construction has evolved into one of the largest residential building contractors in Santa Cruz County. The simple family business motto,”every employee and client is treated like family,” has propelled Boyd and Sons along its path of success. With multiple full-time construction crews running and an unbeatable team of subcontractors, Boyd and Sons Construction has grown into the standard for residential building contractors.