Design Build

The design build construction process has become a widely popular method of providing in house design services to support custom home building and remodels. Driven by the notion that when owners sit at the table with architects and builders with open communication and collaboration, it delivers the best ideas and results. finalplans

This all in one method has many benefits both to the integrity of the build and simplicity of the process for the homeowner. The design build construction method provides homeowners with a single point of contact for the design and construction phases as well as the single source of contractual responsibility.

The design build construction method is preferred by contractors and homeowners alike as opposed to the design-bid-build method and allows the homeowner, contractor and architect work in complete synergy to complete the vision, construct a timeline and set a budget. When the designer and general contractor work together from concept to completion they take into various factors that can affect the build such as materials, appliances, contingencies and quickly resolve any unexpected issues that arise.


Benefits of Design Build Construction

Single Point of Responsibility – Combines design and construction including cost, schedule, and quality into a single point of responsibility while fostering partnerships which adds value to the overall project.

Increase in Project Quality – Using a design build construction method allows the designer and contractor to coordinate as a team while creating a design concept and building plan that includes the scope and vision of the client. This enables the design build team to work together on the constructability throughout the design process which in turn leads to effective value added ideas that maximize the design and functionality.

Earlier Knowledge of Costs – This all in one project method allows for the establishment of costs early on in the design phases giving the homeowner the ability to make changes, request additional value added engineering or additional scope before the design phase is complete. This is as opposed to design-bid-build projects where the homeowner works with the architect and is responsible to provide to the general contract for bids.

Cost Savings – The involvement of the design-build team is critical to fully maximize the potential of the design-build delivery system when making decisions during the concept and design phases will impact the schedule and costs more than any other phase of construction.

Time Savings – The design build method allows for open communication between the architect and the general contractor which eliminates miscommunication or need for re-design. This method also allows the entirely of the project to be fast tracked by providing one central point for concept, to design, to permit process, build, and custom details and finishing touches.  

By working together, the client receives a finished project that is line with their vision, on schedule and budget.

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